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The BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, Fundamentals will help turn your dreams into reality, and you will find yourself learning, not so much from failure, but from study material that has been specially created to craft your success. In school, students used to study four or five subjects under the stream of their interest: Science, Commerce or Arts. For the professional competitive exams like government jobs, it is not enough to acquire knowledge and information in only your interest area. Now, you have to be proficient in almost 20 subjects across streams. BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION is here to help you to do the process of “Capacity Buildup”. For 6 month to 1 year, you have to practise every day to expand your horizon. For example, a Science student has to develop an in-depth understanding of Arts subjects, and vice versa. If you can embrace this philosophy, no doubt you will be successful.

Capacity Buildup under The BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, Fundamentals

Interactive Classes; Researched Content and Study Material by Experienced Faculty; Continuous Assessment: Homework, Class test, Mission 100, Weekly descriptive writing test, Monthly exam, Semester exam Special exams: Special study material, Special classes, Mock test


The students have to work on building their own “answer bank”. Answers to questions will need the student to sift through class lectures, reference books and other study material. Answers will not be readily available for the student to learn by heart. The work that goes into arriving at an answer is the work that will ensure a student’s success.

Class Test:

A 15-minute class test is held every day, to motivate the students to improve themselves, and this demands regularity and sincerity from the students.

Mock test:

A Mock or ‘Simulation’ Test is organised to reduce exam phobia. Each competitive exam, for each sector, has a distinct question pattern. The Mock Test helps the students familiarise themselves with the pattern of question for the examinations they are planning to take. These tests are available both online and offline.

Monthly Exam:

Every week, students are set a bank of 100 questions If the student religiously takes every Mission 100, this amounts to 400 questions at the end of a month and 2,400 questions at the end of six months.

Mission 100:

MISSION 100 Continuous revision and new learning will enable the students to ace these exams, which cover both the current syllabus as well as the previous syllabus.


Blended Learning: In short, this is a mix of online and offline classes or digital platforms and classroom teaching. This hybrid concept of Blended Learning integrates tech and virtual activities with traditional teaching methods. It transforms and improves the learning process, promotes teamwork, develops critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Pre-recorded Video for Learning & Revision: Diverse means of information that can be tapped into any time, allows for greater flexibility for both students and teachers. Teachers need not to repeat information and students, especially working professionals pursuing BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION online courses, can save and rewatch these videos as needed. It also allows students to take notes at their own pace.

Online Quizzes for Self Assessment: Our carefully-designed quizzes are learning tools that help students build confidence and prepare well. A rigorous selfevaluation through these online quizzes promotes goal-oriented leadership.

Online Tests as per Planned Evaluation: In the digital era, where everything is available online, tests have gone digital too. Online tests provide transparency and therefore accuracy and fair evaluation.

Mock Test Series: Mock or model tests prepare BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, students for any kind of challenge, be it time management, applying strategy and structuring effective answers, or getting familiarised with the scope and style of the question paper.

Regular Doubt Clearing: Many doubts must be running through the aspirant’s head regarding the course preparation, be it for WBCS, PSC, Banking, SSC, UPSC etc. At BIBASWAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, we promote curiosity and conduct regular doubt clearing sessions

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